Skyzone SKY01 FPV goggles with head tracking, diversity antennas

Set of Skyzone FPV goggles in good working condition. All buttons and features work as they should including the front camera. No battery included. Selling because I can't wear my glasses with them.
US bidders only.
Copied from MFG web site:
This is the latest generation of Skyzone goggle with 5 bands 40 channels, including the new race band channels.
It comes with ISM 5.8GHz 40 channel diversity receiver, working in diversity mode to achieve good signal utilization and improve image quality.
The Benefits of Goggles with Diversity
A diversity system uses two different video receivers, and two different video antennas. This gives you a better chance of receiving a clean and unobstructed signal. These are connected by a diversity unit that chooses the best video signal. You could mount one of the stock antennas vertically and one horizontally. For best results you want to use different types of antennas. This gives you the option of using a long range directional antenna for one receiver and a non-directional antenna for the other. The diversity system automatically chooses which antenna is receiving the best signal at any moment.
External Camera
The 640x480 external camera was added to allow you to do things without removing your goggles. When you have to pull your goggles off you have the issue of
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