Slave Token or Manilla from the SCHOONER DOURO shipwreck 1843

This is a bronze Manilla or Slave Token which was recovered from the wreck of the schooner Douro which hit Round Rock and sunk in the Isles of Scilly in 1843.It is 60mm (2.4 inches ) across.These were apparently worth 1 slave each and there were such things as Prince. Queen and King manillas whicch were much larger and worth 25 , 50 and a 100 slaves respectively. I have seen a King manilla from Nigeria and this ais about 12 inches or 300mm across.Imagine exchanging one of these for a human life ???

This is an original shipwreck Manilla slave token that comes with its original certificate. The certificate reads, "This is to certify that the Manilla or Slave Token accompanying this card was raised by divers from the wreck of the English Schooner ' DOURO ' sunk of the Isles of Scilly in 1843. 'Manilla' The trade in Slaves had been going on for many years and brought great wealth, especially to England. The local Chiefs on the Slave Coast of West Africa rounded up natives from different tribes and traded their human cargo for many different commodities and the Manilla was one of them. They were manufactured in Birmingham between 1830-50, shipped out to Benin on the Slave Coast of Africa and bartered for one slave each Manilla. These unfortunates were then packed into the holds of ships and taken to the West Indies, usually making
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