New Slendertone System -Abs Abdominal Toning for Men BN

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Slendertone System -Abs Abdominal Toning for Men

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The SLENDERTONE Is For You! Includes Unit, Toning Belt, Pads & Batteries

GO! uses electrical muscle stimulation technology. It has all the components of an effective abdominal toner. Your toning belt will not help you lose weight. For this you need to do some form of cardiovascular exercises i.e. walking, swimming, jogging, etc. However, using your toning belt regularly will give you firmer, flatter abs.

`s How It Works With The Patented C.S.I. Technology:

Concentrated SLENDERTONE Innervation (C.S.I.), unique to SLENDERTONE products, allows you to exercises all of the muscles of the abdomen simultaneously.

C.S.I. works by sending a signal between the SLENDERTONE GelPads on the belt to the nerves w they are most concentrated. These nerves then branch out to all of the abdominal muscles causing a deep, yet comfortable contraction.

As a result, all of the muscles of the abdomen are exercised; not just those beneath the SLENDERTONE GelPads.


Firms, tones and strengthens your abs in just 4 to 8 weeks - Proven Clinically!

4 Built-in training programs

Helps you build a stronger
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