Slice B- G10 chassis kit for Traxxas Slash 2WD

Slice B chassis

Update! These new kits are made with all G-10 parts. The Pan, Side Frames, and Upper Front Plate!

The Slice B chassis will greatly improve the handling of you Traxxas Slash 2WD. This chassis gives the truck a much lower CG. This makes the truck handle much better. The chassis also allows you to place the battery in a few differant places on the chassis pan. Across the middle is where I think its best. But you can also keep the battery in the center like the original Slash. You can also put the battery on the left side for dirt oval racing.

The chassis is made of a very strong composite material. G-10 fiberglass sheets, Very durable and clean looking. All the frame braces and trans braces are aluminum. I make all the parts myself. My kits comes with very nice hardware, all steel allen cap bolts.

Kit comes assembled!! I do this to make sure all the parts fit. Just install the front end and rear end from you Slash, add your radio gear and your good to go.

I've made a few updates. Now the kit comes with a battery holder system. You can see in the pics. With only one body clip, you can pivot the side bumper mounts out of the way and slide the battery out.

I make all my kits myself. If you have a question or a problem feel free to write me. Chuck

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