Slide Rule Pencil Cup - Double Rings - NIB - NR!

Slide Rule Pencil Cup
is an unusual slide rule pencil cup. The slide rule is in excellent, as-new condition and comes in the original box that has the printed directions on it. The cup consists of two sliding rings, each having two logarithmic scales. It works simply by lining up the number of one unit and looking over to see the amount of the other unit. (The other cups I've seen have the converter units on opposite sides of the sliding ring.) The slide rule cup measures approximately 4 7/8 inches tall and has an outer diamter of 2 3/4 inches and an inner diameter of 2 1/4 inches. The bottom of the cup is marked "Better Ideas" and "Made in Hong Kong". (Please see pictures and scans below.)
I've listed the conversions below, but you can see them for yourself by taking the link to a scan below. (I rolled the cup along my scanner so you can get a good idea of all of the scales.)
M.P.H. / K.P.H.
Nautical Miles / Miles / Kilometers
Meters / Yards / Feet
Cubic Meters / Cubic Yards
Metric Tons / Tons
Kilograms / Pounds
Ounces (AV) / Grams (x 10)
Drams(AV) / Grams
Cubic Inches / Cubic Centimeters
Bushels / Dekaliters / Pecks / Dry Quarts / Liters / Dry Pints
Sq. Meters / Sq. Yards
Hectares / Acres
Gallons / Liters / Quarts / Pints
Liquid Oz. / CC (x 10) / Milliliters
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