SLINGERLAND 1960's Gene Krupa COB Shell, StikSav Rims, Zoomat, X-lent. Genuine

Selling this genuine, Chrome over Brass 1960's Gene Krupa Vintage Slingerland Snare Drum, in excellent visual and playing condition- as good a snappy, snare drum as you'll find, with great range, and outstanding tone, due to its Brass shell. Everything is right about this drum, and verifies its authenticity, from the shape and size of all hardware, the Chrome Over Brass construction, the Zoomatic throw, the correct butt end, the correct COB Sticksaver Rims, top and bottom. Amongst the photos in the array you'll see one I took of this same drum in the Slingerland catalogue from 1965, which unfortunately appears stretched, but I compared all aspects, and they check out fine. This snare drum is a firecracker, with fine sensitivity, major projection, classic Brass shell cutting edge sound, and has been babied, for all or most of its 55 years of existence. From that perspective the drum is in incredibly fine condition. There are no issues, no dents, a rare minor scratch, no rust, only the most surface pitting that rubs off with a chamois towel. The chrome glistens, the drum is in the round. The rims are smooth, as is the body/ shell of the drum. This is a fine legitimate U.S. made Slingerland 1960's vintage Sound Master era snare drum that will sing its heart out for you, all the while stealing yours. You will LOVE this drum. This is ... read more