SLINGERLAND 22x14 bass drum w/ Genuine Calf Radio King!

Here it is! A 22x14 Slingerland Genuine Calf skin headed bass drum, with the "Radio King" stamp on both heads. I believe this drum to be a 1955 to 1959 Slingerland "dog tagged" bass drum (all brass vent tag/Chicago IL). I found her in a pawn shop the other day (11/9/2010). The resonant (front) head and shows no sign of having been hit with a bass drum pedal. The batter heads does show signs of having been hit w/ a bass drum pedal (see pic). There are no holes or rips or tears; the heads sound just beautifully wonderful (very dark & earthy, compared to some of the plastic junk they make nowadays). The wrap is faded a bit, but the seams are tight. There isn't any "peel back" at the edges or at the seams (see pics). There are two 1/4" holes from where an original "rail style" tom mount used to be mounted, other than that there are no other holes on this drum. The drum sounds great, w/ a throaty "thump" when tuned down low. The T rods on the resonant side are all original. The batter side has 1 original T rod and 9 that are not original (see pics). The 20 "claws" that the T rod fits thru all appear to be original nickel Slingerland claws. The original metal on this drum is all nickel, not chrome. There is light rust on some of the claws & lugs. The shell is very "in round" for it's age. This drum is a player!

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