Slingerland Hollywood Ace Snare, Black/Gold Duco, 1960

Slingerland Hollywood Ace Snare Drum, 5.5"x14".

Black/Gold Duco lacquer is in very good condition except for two cig burns and some small chips. No cracking or spiderwebbing.

Three ply shell stamped with 'M', designating Maple outer ply for lacquer finish. Poplar middle ply and Mahogany inner ply. Maple re-rings.

COB Sticksaver hoops.

Rapid Strainer, generic snare wires, Slingerland stamped plastic heads (probably original).

Chicago Badge, date stamped September 11, 1960.

Chrome lugs and hoops are in near flawless condition.

I have been playing and collecting Slingerland drums since 1969. This snare drum has been in a case for years and needs a good home.

Beautiful drum.