Older Slingerland 14x7 mahogany shell with beaver tail lugs. There are extra holes that have been plugged but not very well. I was going to fix this up but never got around to it. I believe it to be a 3 ply shell with re-inforcement rings. It has all the original lugs and badge. But I think the butt plate and throw off are wrong. Use it for parts or fix it up starting out cheap with no reserve. I have no idea what year this shell is. It is a all brass badge from Chicago. If you need more details I will be happy to assist you as best I can. Thanks for looking. I will not ship outside of the USA. Don't bid if you can not pay for in 3 business days. Good Luck

I did some research online to get some more details about this drum. What I have found is that according to the style of badge it is an early 50's snare. Also I believe the lugs were called streamline not beaver tail. Also it is one ply mahogany shell with 3 ply maple rings. It might be a Radio King, but I am not stating that as fact. If any collectors out there would like to share their knowledge that would be great. If this new info dissuades any previous bidders email me if you would like to cancel your bid. I totally understand. I want the winner to get what they are expecting to get. No bad surprises.