Slingerland Radio King 24,13,16 Gold Sparkle

For sale is my beloved 1948 Slingerland Radio King Gold Sparkle kit. Sizes are 14x24, 9x13, 16x16. Incredible condition. I purchased this kit straight from a top session drummer here in Nashville. Everything about that kit is super sound. The kit is a players Radio King kit and is teched out to be a studio players dream. All lugs have original factory packing in them and aside from the 16x16, all drums have original hoops
9x13 - All original. Missing muffling mechanism. Comes with Coated Remo Emporer top and clear Ambassador bottom
16x16- All original. Drum comes equipped with 60's "stick saver" hoops. Drum has original legs with Pearl "Air Ride" feet. Comes with Coated Emporer and clear Ambassador bottom
14x24 - All excess hardware has been removed from shell for recording purposes. Comes equiped with Pearl SP-30 kick legs for much added stability, Has 6 unfilled holes in the kit. Two are for the rail mount for the 13, and 4 are for the older kick legs. Original kick legs included. Comes with Fiberskyn Logo head and clear Powerstoke 3.
All modifications to the kit were done professionaly by Nashville's Sam Bacco. The last word in vintage drum restoration.
The kit sounds incredible. The edges are perfect and untouched. An extremely well taken care of and ready to play piece of history.
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