SLINGERLAND RADIO KING 24" bass drum from the 30's

For sale is a Slingerland RADIO KING 24" bass drum dating from the 30's.It is wrapped in vibrant gold sparkle and is original ,good shape with a tight seam,no delaminations.The hoop inlay is also tight and complete.The bearing edges are perfect original.It comes with two consolette tom holders.One is complete and the other is partially complete,Also has two "L" arm cymbal holder brackets.This amazing drum also comes with an original, adjustable ,internal double muffler system in lambswool.It also comes with the original Radio King calfhide skins.The original adjustable legs are also included.So,this a complete,original,fully functional Radio King bass drum from the 30's.Shipping will be detrmined after the sale.Do not go by the ebay stated shipping.