Slingerland radio king marching snare Beautiful

Absolutely beautiful. Slingerland Radio King marching snare. Mid to late 50's black and gold oval badge, Chicago, Illinois. LOOKS BRAND NEW. All original including radio king top and bottom calf and gut heads and gut wires. This is a perfect example of white marine pearl, beautiful blue highlights, no fading or yellowing at all. This drum has been stored in a soft lined hard case over 50 years. Key holder and key included. Drum shows virtually no signs of wear. No holes, cracking, or blemishes of any kind. NOT a re wrap. 100% original and the sound is tremendous . 12" deep x 16" round. Would make a great unique snare for any kit. Drum is very LOUD. Comes with aforementioned case. I will ship this drum to any of the 48 U.S. for $30.00 in it's case. I don't care what the shipping charges on e bay say. Overseas shipping figure around $100.00 or so depending on where you live. You will never see another like this.