Slingerland Radio King vintage drumkit with Krupa model Radio king snare

Slingerland Radio King Drumkit. Late 1940's bass and toms with late 30's Cloud Badge snare drum.
26x14 bass drum 13x9 tom with vintage Slingerland snare stand 16x16 floor tom with Gauger floor tom cradle (would have been mounted on floor tom stand originally) 14x7 Krupa model one piece maple shell Radio King snare drum with 3 point strainer.
Finish is white marine pearl with nickel plated hoops and lugs.The finish has yellowed over the years . The wrap is tight on all drums and the edges are good.
The bass drum has had fold down spurs fitted at some time , to replace the clamp on spurs. the original mount on the 13 tom is missing . The bass drum has had non Slingerland cymbal mounts fitted at some time . The kit has a new set of D cases included in the sale.
This is collection only.... I'm sorry but I will not send this by carrier .
Additional photos of each drum are available showing their condition in more detail.