Slingerland radio King14x24 1940"s Bass drum

Here we have a Slingerland Radio King 14x24 bass drum in original gold sparkle condition. The drum is in round and modern heads fit fine. There is the usual scuffs and light scratches on this drum but it is really nice condition for 70 years old. There are no extra holes in it and all the original claws and tees are present. The inside looks like new,When I got this drum it still had the original Radio king heads intact so I don't think the inside was ever exposed to the elements. The only issue is four of the tees and claws have corossion and the nickel is wore thru to the brass. I will include the original calf Radio king heads along with the ones that are on the drum a like new aquarion super kick two an a original 70's logo head if you do the buy it now,if not I will sell them seperately. The original hoop mount spurs are also included. Now as far as shipping I'm going to do actuall shipping so if your on the west coast its going to be more if your on the east coast. I shipped a 14x22 bass drum a couple months ago to los angeles and it cost 106.00, so if you win the auction I will get your address first before you pay. I will try to do this as fast as I can. I will also do local pick up,No international shipping