Slingerland Radioking Select Nashville Era 14 x 6.5

Original MSRP: $2195.00

This is a 1999 Slingerland Radio King (Original) 61/2 x 14 from my personal collection and is in "Mint condition! It was painted

by Pat Foley a renown painter of sunburst and custom lacquer finishes worked at Slingerland for a short time. Pat painted this one

a very light Antique Maple Sunburst. This shell is a "Premium Select" model that Slingerland didn't produce many of in Nashville,TN.

This is called an "Original" model because of the 8 lug chrome-plated brass hoops with the Slingerland Radio King logo engraved in

the top hoop. Solid Shell snares are constructed of a single piece of steam-bent maple with solid maple reinforcement hoops on

both top and bottom. This combination produces the deep, rich, "fat" tone that drummer's have nicknamed "the Slingerland punch".

Additional features include a heavy throw-off, 16 strand snares, a coated white Remo Ambassador batter head and a hazy Remo

Ambassador snare head. This Slingerland Radio King drum is a collectible investment as well as an outstanding musical instrument

The sound quality matches that of the classic snares, ensuring that a Radio King will be your favorite drum for years to come!

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