Here we have a Slingerland 'Sound King' Snare drum from the early 60's. (see date stamp) This is a 6.5x14" snare drum with 16 lugs. It's finished in white marine pearl. The drum appears to be a 3 ply snare with 1/4 Maple reinforcement rings. The inner and outer plys appear to be mahogany with an inner play of maple. As you can see someone has installed an old ludwig throw-off, thus leaving two holes. Also, the tension knob on the throw off is a little tight, but works well. Considering these issues, I'd say the drum is priced accordingly.
This model is not to be confused with the infamous 'radio king'. -However, this is still considered to be a 'pro-line' drum and NOT a student model. It's ludwig equivalent would be popular 'Festival' or classic line from the early 60's. Please feel free to ask questions. Thank you!