Slingerland Super Radio King nickel snare drum parts

This auction is not for everybody. It is for the discriminating collector or drummer who wants the best.

this auction is for a Set of Hardware for a Super Radio King snare drum.

Also known as the Hollywood Ace

go to scroll down for information about History about slingerland drums

Does not have the engraving on the Batter rim

8 lug 14" super Radio king,Hoops,lugs,screws for rim hardware.

Didnt have the mounting screws for the lugs.

they are prestine condition because I had them made prestine condition.

I had them re nickeled back some time ago and they are like brand new.

Hollywood Ace

1940-1942: Slingerland drums did not change much in design from 1936 through 1939. However, in 1940, Slingerland introduced the Super Radio King snare drum. This drum featured the new Super lugs and the innovative Super snare strainer. The Super lugs (also known as the small beaver tail lugs) were available on snare drums as well as tom toms and even bass drums. The Super Strainer (also known as the clamshell ) was an attractive design but proved to be rather fragile and difficult to adjust. Despite its shortcomings, the Super strainer was offered up until the early 1960’s.

they have been in storage for years and are left over from my store closing.

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