Rare Slingerland Vintage 14 Inch Cocktail Drum Original Collectors Shape w/ Case

This is a real collector's item! It's a rare Slingerland Cocktail kit in gold sparkle. It is 14 inches in diameter and 21 1/4 inches deep. It has all the original parts including three straight legs, one cymbal mount and even the bass drum pedal mount. There is no bass pedal included in this auction. The wrap is a beautiful gold sparkle and is tight on the drum. There is no lifting or cracks. The shell is in perfect shape and was a drum that was really taken care of. The drum includes the original Slingerland Radio King Genuine Claf heads on top and bottom. The heads are stretched out, but playable. Inside, the drum has an adjustable dual-padded muffler and a set of adjustable half snares. There are two knobs on the outside of the drum just under the batter hoop that adjust the snare and muffler. All the hardware works perfectly and looks pretty good for a drum of this age. From what I've read, this drum seems to be a late 1950's pre-badge drum. Apparently, Slingerland did not put badges on all of their drums prior to the mid 1960's. The drum comes with a case as well. There is no strap on the case but a trip to any luggage or hardware store could fix that! Please email with any questions. Shipping is for the lower 48 US States only.