Slingshot Fuel 17 meter Kiteboarding Kitesurfing 17m

Slingshotgained a huge following in 2004 & 2005 with the Fuels - the kite seems to appeal to anyone from beginners to pro riders - some of the worlds best wave riders use these kites - and it is easy to see why. The feedback of the kite is excellent and it's got very consistent power delivery. These characteristics confirm why this is the choice of kite for wave riders and heavier riders.

The Slingshot Fuel is the ultimate freeride kite - combining speed, stability, boost and incredible responsiveness to deliver a fun and unforgettable experience.

Slingshot's integrated single-valve inflation system allows you to inflate your entire kite in one step, using one valve, without air leaks, and without pinching the valve.

One pump inflates all the struts with the same air pressure, giving you tight struts for efficient performance.

Use the Fuel to gain loftier airs and more speed with less kite weight. Slingshot constructs their kites with intense focus on details, making the Fuel a super durable kite.

Good low end and slightly faster turning, along with some minor refinements to the bar which includes a steel post around the depower rope (which prevents chafing on your knuckles), and a very neat kite briefcase. Other improvements include enforced strut closures, reinforced struts, and easy-off
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