SLU ~ TUFF STUFF'S Complete Guide To Starting Lineups by Jim Warren (1997)

Starting Lineup

TUFF STUFF'S Complete Guide To Starting Lineups by Jim Warren (1997)Tuff Stuff's Complete Guide to Starting Lineup: A Pictorial History of Kenner Starting Lineup Figures – Trade paperback (1997)
by Jim Warren. Forword by Jeff Clown. This book includes close-up photos of every Kenner Starting Lineup produced up to 1997. 192 pages. Good condition. ISBN: 0930625781
ISBN-13: 9780930625788
The ultimate handbook for the legions of Kenner sports figurine collectors Kenner Starting Lineup figures are among the hottest sports collectibles on the market. Every year Kenner issues 200 different four-inch plastic likenesses of pro athletes from all the major sports. This definitive guide to every piece ever issued presents an overview of all U.S.-issued Kenner sets, photos of each figure, prices, and a checklist. Here is a review by Irwin Goodman on :
"An outstanding reference for Starting Lineup fans. This softbound book contains 192 pages with more than 2,000 full color sharp photos of this popular collectible. There is a one page overview of all U.S. issued Kenner sets on every American released figure. In addition to the photos and prices there is adequate text covering each topic. Major topics range from Introduction, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, to Multi-Sport; and a complete index for
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