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Finally A Clean Up Sluice, That Is Not A Plastic Gutter!
Process More Material In Less Time Than You Can With A Gold Pan!
This Is Not A Concentrator, This Truly Is A Clean Up Sluice for Your Concentrates.
"Hello, Got the item 4 days later. Had it up and running pronto, went thru a couple gallons of cons I had previously panned and screened and found several large flakes and numerous specks.Guess my panning skills suck, but hey, am new at this. I wont be panning much from now on. Went highbanking Sat and simply brought home the sluice cleanout stuff. Ran it thru your machine, took several hours, but no cramped hands and I know I got it all.Even the tiniest specks sit in the first couple rows. Sure is fun to spot the color.
Many thanks, Nick "

We Have Tried Blue Bowls, And Long Toms, Ran Our Material Thru Our Sluice’s Over And Over Again, Even The Trusty Spiral Wheel, All This Ever Seems To Do Is Give Us More Dense Material To Pan Thru Again. And Time Consuming!!! We Needed Something That We Could Visually See The Gold Once It Is Revealed, And An Easy Way For It To Be Removed.
We Have For Your Consideration, A Small Portable, Highly Effective Tool For Extracting The Gold From Your Concentrates! The Alluvial Sluice does a super cleanup faster than any blue bowl or spiral wheel concentrators. You will

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