SM32 1:19 - 1:24 scale Garden Railway G scale Square Post Bracket Signal

Here is a Home/Home Lower Quadrant Bracket Signal assembly fitted with a Square Post . No. 452, it is suitable for G scale and 1:19 scale garden railways. It has been made by me from polystyrene, brass and epoxy resin in the same way as many of my standard signals, in order to improve weather resistance.

This signal is slightly higher than most of my bracket signal as it is fitted with longer dolls. Many bracket signals needed extra height for visibility and this signal is 32cm high to the tip of the finial which equates to a height of about 20ft in 1:19 scale. The base of the bracket is about 19.5cm from the ground or 12.5 ft in 1:19 scale giving suitable loading clearance for 1:19 scale locos and rolling stock to clear it if running beneath it! . This signal has a lattice beam bracket and the signal is fitted with large type spectacle lens' of red and green. Each lengthened square post doll is topped with a a new & improved red ball and spike GWR type finial, The LED lighting on each signal is resistored to work on a 3 - 12 volt supply. The arms on each of the two dolls are manually operated by their own individual brass counterbalance lever situated near the base of the assembly.

This particular signal comes with a pack containing a spare yellow distant arm, yellow finial & simple instructions to enable
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