Smal Solidl Bronze Snake by N.Fedosov.

Small Bronze Snake.

From Nikita Fedosov collection. Signed by the artist.

Exceptional quality. Amazing detail. Rare portrayal of realism and character. Length: 1.0" x Height:1.0"

Author Info

Nikita Fedosov (7/22/1957 - 8/3/2004) was born in Moscow, Russia. He started his artistic career as restorator of old Russian icons. Later he became deeply interested to animal miniature - as a hobby.

During the Perestroika years, Nikita started creation of animal miniatures on his own. His early bronze animals were originally sold only in France: Nikita had spent several years in Paris and his early works in bronze miniature were influenced by French sculptors of 19th-20th century. Later, Nikita had moved to Vienna and it is definitely Austrian bronze animal miniature art that stunned Nikita and led him to creation of Nikita Fedosov Collection as we know it today. Eventually, Nikita Fedosov had become the most prominent producer of bronze miniatures in Russia.

Nikita created more than 100 different animals. He especially liked cats. T is 20 different, amazing cats in Nikita's Collection.

He is well-recognized for creating greatly detailed miniature pieces using only the highest quality bronze. The subject is always the same - animals! Always captured in the most realistic and natural way.

Nikita Fedosov achieves highest level of detail by making each peace out of wax. Unlike methods used by other producers this one is not based on pouring bronze into a reusable cast. As a result, quality is preserved in each unique piece.

His works ranging from tiniest miniatures to small sculptures (not more then 11 in.) usually incorporated with stones or crystals. Unlike other souvenirs, these unique bronze depictions of Divine creations can be cherished for generations.


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