Small American gray grey graniteware spice sugar scoop

This is a small American gray granite ware spice or sugar scoop straight out of my collection. It measures about 4-3/4 inches long to end of handle and 2-1/8 inch diameter at the end. The opening is 2-3/8 to 2-1/8 inches (slightly oval). Because it is in very good condition I will point out the fairly minor flaws in detail. The outside edge has a 2" by 1/4 " rounded chip that appears to be a mfg. flaw w it was semi missed in the coating process. Also a similar oval 1/4" chip lightly overcoated with gray on the outside bottom. And a chipped 3/8" long area on the inside edge. Just a few other smaller defects. Overall a 9 out of 10 for graniteware. Almost no edge wear. The pattern is mottled to smooth, typical of gray of that period (early 1900's). T's 2 rivets attaching the handle and one closing the overlap at top. Check my other auctions as I go through the old storage boxes for more unusual antiques and collectibles.
Shipping is $2.32 first class mail. If bidding on other items OK to wait for combined shipping savings. I charge actual postage only within 50 cents, no added fees.