Small blacksmith forged TOMAHAWK bearded trade axe tool

Small Blacksmith Forged Tomahawk
Tuesday Afternoon Auction WELCOME!
This is a small tomahawk forged by a blacksmith. It is 6-3/4 inches long. The handle hole is 1 inch round. The steel is treated with gun blue to provide rust protection. This is not your standard, factory formed "cookie cutter" axe. It is hand made and shows the marks of the blacksmith's work... a one-of-a-kind tomahawk for you!
NOTE: This tomahawk is sold without a handle. The hole is sized for a 1-1/8 inch diameter wooden dowel. Taper the dowel using either a lathe or by hand (pocket knife, etc). The finished dowel is then fed through the 1" handle hole and tapped tight. This provides a handle that is easily removed and replaced. To buy a dowel, type in "oak dowel" into eBay's search engine, or go to a home supply or hardware store. A 36 inch long dowel will make two very nice 18 inch handles for your new hawk. By bidding, buyer states that he (or she) is 18 years of age or older and accepts complete responsibility for use of this axe and all liability associated with use of this axe. Item sold AS IS . This tool is not a toy and is not for use by children. Do not strike this axe against another hard surface such as metal, stone, or concrete. Flying chips and injury may result.
Always wear eye protection when using this axe!
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