Small Hand Crank Drill Press Antique Manual Cranking Drillpress Jeweler's Drill?

Interesting antique hand cranking drill press. It is smaller than most of the ones you will see. Based on this, I assumed it was used by a jeweler or watchmaker or perhaps some other such fine work tradesman of the time. As you can see in the picture, it is just a little more than 9" tall, not including the wood board it is mounted to. It can easily be displayed on a bookshelf or hung from a wall. It would nicely round out any collection. In terms of condition-It cranks as it should, and can be run up and down as you want. The chuck also opens and closes properly. The only thing I couldn't move is the drill frame on the support rod. I removed the set screw and sprayed in some WD-40. Perhaps it will free up over time. That is for the buyer to play with, or leave alone. This is a used antique hand tool. It has rust, dirt and scratches and is a work of art, at least in my opinion. I will remove the base board for shipping purposes. Pictures are part of the description. Ask questions before bidding.