(2) Small Theropod Tail Vertebrae-dinosaur fossil

(2) Small Theropod Tail Vertebrae

These two small tail vertebrae come from theropods. The larger vertebra is from a raptor, probably Dromaeosaurus. The smaller vertebra comes from Struthiomimus.

Dromaeosaurus was a carnivorous dinosaur that had a relatively large brain (by dinosaur standards), large eyes, and grasping hands. The name Dromaeosaurus means "swift running lizard". Struthiomimus the "ostrich mimic" dinosaur had long hind limbs, a small beak, and a skull that was very similar to an ostrich. Struthiomimus Altus grew to around 14 feet long and 7 to 8 feet tall as an adult.

These two tail vertebrae were both found in one piece, the raptor vertebra is missing a small piece of bone from its centrum. The two vertebrae both have great detail and preservation with a dark brown coloration. All around a nice pair of tail vertebrae.

The raptor tail vertebra measures: 7/8" of an inch wide by 2 1/2" inches in length.

The Struthiomimus tail vertebra measures: 13/16" of an inch wide by 2 3/16" inches in length.

These two theropod tail vertebra were dug out of a microsite in the Hell Creek Formation of Carter County, Montana. The two fossils were collected on private ranch land with the owner's permission.


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