This item was found in the estate of an elderly retired fireman. It is a vintage smaller [ quart? ] safety can. T are 2 brass tags on the front reading; UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES, INC. INSPECTED SAFETY CAN NO. 53143 on one and; PROTECTION APPROVED SAFETY CAN MFD. BY GEO. W. DIENER MFG. CO. CHICAGO, U.S.A. Geo. W. Diener Co. was known for their fire-fighting equipment. T also are 2 paper labels on each side stating GASOLINE DANGER:etc. This smaller can is 4 3/4" in diameter on the bottom and about 7 1/2" tall including spout. It has a unique narrow tapering brass spout and brass spring locking cap. The spout has only a 5/16" i.d. opening! You couldn't fill this today at the pump without a funnel. The rest of the can is metal. It is painted red with minimal paint loss. Spring locking cap works properly. Total weight is 1lb.9.4oz. As with all my auctions this is sold as found so please email all questions before bidding and thanks for looking. CAN IS EMPTY!