I'm selling 1- rare vintage glass slide promoting the NBC television show "Get Smart", a TV series that ran on NBC from 1965 to 1970 which starred Don Adams and Barbara Feldon. In this particular episode "ABOARD THE ORIENT EXPRESS (1965), Johnny Carson made one of his two cameo appearance's on the show. This slide was used in a Filmchain at the NBC studio in Washington. The Filmchain was a machine that would capture the image, turn it into an electronic signal, then converted back into a picture on your television set. This is a positive encased between two pieces of glass and taped at the edges to hold it together. They were used to promote the day and time of an upcoming show. This is an original slide that was used on the air. It is not a reproduction. These slides were brought home by my father as his personal souvenirs.If you notice a ring reflection on the above photos it was because I used the macro setting on my camera and I had to get so close that lens was reflected onto the slide.
My father worked at NBC (WRC in Washington, D.C.) from 1947-1978. He started out as a Cameraman and in a few short years was promoted to Technical Director. He was one of the true television pioneers of his time. He was in charge of assigning the entire engineering crew and then switching the show in the control room. He was also an excellent
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