Smith Coal Washoe Montana Countertop Sign Mining Mine

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Hard to Find Montana advertising sign

is a sign that you wont see too often anymore. This sign is from Washoe Montana and advertises the Montana Coal & Iron Co.'s Smith Coal "More Heat Per Dollar" and "Montana's Best Fuel." The sign is made of cardboard and has an easel back that folds out to make a countertop display. The letters in "Smith Coal" have neon red plastic inserts that illuminate when backlit. T are a couple of the plastic pieces missing and the lower right hand corner is bumped a bit. A great sign from a historic company.

Washoe Montana was an Anaconda Copper Mining Co. town, and produced coal for locomotives and firing the smelters in Anaconda. T w a handful of mining companies in the area of Bearcreek, Red Lodge, and Washoe. During World War II production was ramped up and the mines began working around the clock. On the snowy morning of February 27, 1943 those not serving in the war went to work at the Smith # 3 Mine in Washoe. They ranged in age from 19 to 72 years old. 77 men went to work and all but 3 would not return. Methane gas built up in an old part of the mine that had been walled off. Reports from the Montana State Mine Inpector indicated that a rock fall damaged the barridcade allowing a rush of methane to fill the mine. Due to the wartime shortages open flame
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