Smiths Enfield Bakelite Mantel Clock.Recently Serviced

This is a lovely Bakelite Smiths Mantel Clock called The Aberdeen.

The clocks case is in quite good condition and has a pleasing shape with a lovely shine,

It has a golden bezel with golden hands and black numerals against a silvered ring.

This fine clocks movement has had a full service and as a result runs very well. The measurements of this lovely clock are approx eight and a half inches wide, seven and three quarters of an inch tall and a depth of three and three quarters.

The clock comes with its pendulum and a key.


I started repairing clocks several years ago as a hobby, but in January of this year had the opportunity to become involved restoring and repairing clocks full time. I now spend each day running my own business repairing and restoring old clocks.