Smokey And The Bandit 2 Custom Truck Trailer Similar Kenworth W900 Semi Trans Am

Matchbox semi and trailer custom painted to look like snowman's smokey and the bandit 2 movie GMC ! Look at the pictures! sure there are a couple less than perfect areas, but it's a one of a kind custom remember! It's definitely sweet enough to park next to your '80-'81 bandit trans am in your showcase or diorama!!!

This is for Smokey and the Bandit 2 - where snowman drove a silver GMC semi with silver trailer, and a smaller bandit sticker on the sides with blue striping! Crazy! The original Ertl sets are all but non existent anymore so here is my custom re-creation!

Since the truck and trailer have been custom painted, they are considered used and will not be shipped in any original packaging. They all will be carefully packed with packing materials and then shipped to you "loose" and "out of package".

The official snowman semi and trailer set (by ertl) from the 80s is very unrealistic with a flat nose semi. This Mack has same look as the GMC, is silver with silver trailer, and very realistic bandit scene sticker! All custom painted / assembled/ and re-created! enjoy!!!!