SMOKEY HOGG Penitentiary Blues BLUES 45 Ray's R-33

SMOKEY HOGG & HIS GUITAR "Penitentiary Blues pt. 1"/"Penitentiary Blues pt. 2" (Ray's 33)

Part 1 of this record is VG+, the flip VG-.

Please listen to the 320 kbps .mp3 taken from the actual record This clip has received NO audio restoration software modification. I guarantee what you hear is what you will get.

Penitentiary Blues pt. 1

Penitentiary Blues pt. 2

All of the records that I am currently selling are from an amazing collection that would appear to have originated at WGRY in Gary, IN. A lot of these records are stamped "Property of WGRY". A few of the sleeves had Lucky Cordell's name written on them or notes to Lucky from various promoters. A lot of the records had Howard Bedno stickers, some All-State Distributors, some Bill Sheppard. T were a lot of white label promos and just a lot of really amazing Chicago doo-wop, blues, and R&B records from the late 50s in this lot. I feel like I've gotten an amazing doo wop education just from this one lot.

These records were all stored in sleeves in one large box in a damp basement for a long time. A lot of the records surprisingly are very clean and glossy, but some of them suffer from a phenomenon that I will call “brown paper sleeve stains” (BPSS) or “ghostly fingerlike streaks”. I have had a hard time grading the ones that suffer
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