2" Smoky Quartz Sphere Natural Cairngorm Crystal Stone Mineral Ball - Madagascar

Smoky Quartz Sphere Polished Natural Crystal Ball Feng Shui Prosperity & Abundance Mineral Protection Stone - Madagascar + Plastic Stand

You will receive exactly this Smoky Quartz Sphere (see photo, stand Included)!
Smoky quartz is a color variety of crystalline quartz. It ranges from a light yellowish brown to a brown that is so dark that is appears to be black. Less desirable specimens have a grayish-brown color. When cut as a gem, stones with an orangish brown to a reddish brown color are preferred by many people.
Quartz is the most abundant and widely distributed mineral found at Earth's surface. It is present and plentiful in all parts of the world. It forms at all temperatures. It is abundant in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. It is highly resistant to both mechanical and chemical weathering. This durability makes it the dominant mineral of mountaintops and the primary constituent of beach, river and desert sand. Quartz is ubiquitous, plentiful and durable.
Formula: SiO2; Color: Clear brown colour and varying from a light brown to dark a brown; Mohs scale hardness: 7;
(The above information is provided solely for informational purpose. Kindly note that all stones are offered for decorative purposes only. Please, handle your stones with great care, do not grind or crumble them, do not dip
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