SNAP-ON TOOLS CHESS SET. Rare Dealer Only Award. Hard to find collectible!!!

This is a very rare Snap-On chess set. These were never sold but were given as awards to top sales people. I was only able to get this after great effort and expense. While I have never used it the dealer did allow customers to handle some pieces so there are some marks, please see photos. Most pieces are mint however some do have marks or what I can best describe as minor pitting. I would best describe this set as USED.

The actual chess board is handmade by Drueke. I have included several photos showing nicks in the board. I recieved the board with these marks but I displayed the board behind the chess set on a shelf, so I was never displeased with the condition of the board. To be clear the board has nicks and marks on it. It does however still have the Drueke decal on the back of the board.

The box is in good condtion but has been handled and does have some paint lose at the hinge. This is caused by the opening of the box and can't be helped unless you never open it.

If you are looking for a MINT set this set might not be for you. You will understandably need to pay considerably more since these sets are so rare. I have always only gotten complements on this set. Please look at the photos provided and ask if you need aditional photos.

Since these were never meant for the public I have always
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