This is the world of Snoopy. Snoopy,s eyes open and his ears Move up and down in his mouth also open. This all happens while the tape is being played and the Peanuts kids are all talking. Sometimes snoopy will stop talking but the tape keeps playing and snoopy still keeps moving ears , eyes and mouth but no sound. I picked him up and move him and sit him back down and starts playing well again. At times he plays the whole tape without stopping and at times you get no sound but just movement. I think the on and off switch is a little hairy.As I said before he comes with the book and tape so you can read along and also comes with instructions and also the original box. As you can see the top of the box is a little mess up but not bad. Takes 4 C-Batteries Not Included.U.S.A. BIDDERS ONLY. Well combined shipping. Any questions please ask. Alaska and Hawaii shipping will be extra.