SNOW HANK RCA 10" Country Classics w "I'M MOVING ON"..7

If after purchasing,you are not satisfied with the RECORD, please return it, no questions asked, for a full refund minus postage. Postage for this record in the USA is FREE. Overseas postage, packaging, handling, insurance total is usually $22.55.

I do not grade covers . Please look at the numerous photos and decide for yourself. If you have questions concerning the cover, please feel free to ask me.

Records are VISUALLY GRADED. Please see my grading scale below.

This record's vinyl is visually graded an 7


10..Looks like it was just opened.

9.. A few scuffs with no discernable scratches.

8.. One or two miniscule scratches; record still has plenty of gloss.

7.. A few minor scratches; record still has plenty of gloss.

6..Record has numerous small scratches; still has some gloss.

5..Record has numerous small scratches and a few large scratches (this is an average played record).

4..Record has numerous small scratches and numerous large scratches.

3..Numerous scratches with very little gloss.

2..Numerous scratches that may not play through .

1..I don't usually sell records in this condition unless it is very rare.


Postage/handling/insurance in the USA for this
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