Snow Village "Hartford House" plus a special FREE gift!

"Hartford House"

from "The Original Snow Village" by

Department 56

(Plus a free gift!)

This auction is for the Hartford House, which I purchased way back in 1999 at a local Hallmark store in Charlotte. I packed it up in a closet and it has been t ever since, until now - - I never displayed it, never even lit it up, so it's in "new" condition the same way it came home with me from the store! It is a very rich green color, which you will see from the photos, and has alot of detail on it - - at the time it was produced, it was one of the most expensive houses that you could buy in the Snow Village series with a retail price of $55.00. This must have been the house w the richest village family lived maybe?

Along with this house comes a free gift from me just to say "Happy Holidays" to the winner of this auction. It is the " Comes Santa" accessory that was produced only one year, 1996, and it was a special personalized version sold only through the St. Nick's Collectibles store in Littleton, Colorado - - the flag that Santa is carrying bears the St. Nick's logo on it. The original retail on this sweet little piece was $25.00. This accessory comes to you in perfect, undisplayed, also packed up in the same closet as the Hartford House condition!

Both the Hartford House and the free " Comes
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