Snuff Blaster Powder Dispenser Bullet Rocket Snorter 2g

Powder Snuff Dispenser Bullet Blaster
fill with your favorite powered snuff and replace screw & cap. (Hint: to prevent powder from spilling into screw hole insert screw while filling). twist the base to the Left then to the right for a large dose. Covering the Square Hole forces air into the bottom of the Large "Dose Cup". Only the Large hole has the "BLASTER Hole" Carburetor Hole lets air in so snuff goes out. Dose is 2x's the standard Plastic Dispensers. AND WHEN DROPPED, WON'T BREAK!!!!! Detailed Directions & Tips

1) Remove screw and plastic bottom; replace just the screw to fill the Snuff Rocket to avoid getting snuff in the screw hole. Replace the black plastic bottom and screw.

2) Tighten the screw snugly with your fingers or screwdriver. Hold the Snuff Rocket with the point facing straight up, and the air vent hole pointed away.

3) Rotate the base clockwise 1/8th turn; tap the rocket to fill the dose hole, then turn the base back counter clockwise until it stops. This moves a measured amount of snuff from the storage area to the "DOSE CUP" in the plastic bottom.

4) Place the tip of the Snuff Rocket into a nostril, while inhaling; tap the square hole in the metal top with a finger. This will force air into the bottom of the "DOSE CUP" and insures the snuff gets pulled out of
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