Soap Box Derby Car-Rat Rod-Adult Roadster

Dad, Mom, and the whole family can ride in this Rat Rod Soap Box Derby car that I built - The "Webster Hills Special" I started with the official wheelset, a 25th Anniversery edition , I believe 1963, and an official front axle. Using a rulebook from 1954, I built the car within specs as far as size, wheels, single kingpin front axle and travel. This Hotrod is designed for original drag-strip style straightaway downhill racing. I disregarded the No-weld rule and built this baby out of metal mostly. The chassis is basic rectangle of 1-1/2" x .083 sq. tubing. I used a couple of leaf spring pc's from a '33 chevy for front suspension - to cut down hop from bad roads. I built a side steer system like old roadsters had rather than cable. I added an adjustable steering damper from a '70's Kawasaki triple and the steering is nice - also has quick release steering wheel. Rear axle is built from 1'" tubing and bungs, with wheels bolted on with 1/2 " bolts.The brake is hand operated like a vintage racer with 25 sq inches of friction surface and a 4 to 1 ratio.(Like all derby cars, the brake rubs the road). A piece of a Goodyear Eagle Dirt track tire is riveted on for good grab Wheels, by the way, have nice bearings and this is a fast roller! The radiator shell is '30s Ford, chopped and channeled. The hood sides are Model T. The Hood is

As an added bonus, I'm including a Schwinn bicycle taillight with 5 functions which clips into the bracket atop the tail section. With flashing mode on - just like Formula 1 for good visibility from behind!

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