Sockeye Salmon steel sheet metal sculpture

This Sockeye Salmon sculpture aptly represents the region of its origin, the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle WA. This one-off piece was fashioned from 20 gauge sheet metal and boasts a beefy welded bracket for hanging anywhere with confidence. At 6' 5" long x 3' top to bottom and roughly 15 lbs, you will be getting a true centerpiece, and your money's worth. In the final photo, I added a can of Spaghettio's atop the sculpture for size reference. This piece was not slapped together to get it quickly listed on ebay for a fast buck. Rather, great care and passion for the process-many, many tediously happy steps-was the overarching factor. I am looking for a buyer who will appreciate owning this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it. The winning bid will receive not only the sculpture, but also your choice of a link or a CD of the making of this piece from conception to finalization. Lastly, and coincidentally, despite my being a sculptor, painter and artist, apologetically, I am not a photographer nor am I a professional Ebay seller so forgive me for the less than professional photos.