Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher - 2 liter bottles - SAFEST EVER BUILT!!!!

Great Christmas present that your child will remember for the rest of their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get those kids out ofthe house and expand their minds with an activity the will not want to stop doing! Take plastic soda bottles, cardboard and tape, mix in a little water and air pressure send model rockets high into the sky!

You are bidding on the safest soda bottle rocket launcher that is available anywhere!

You will receive a complete launch kit that contains the following items:

Launch pad

Launch rope with safety tether

Launch clip

Filling manifold with pressure gauge

Directions and instructions

With our filling manifold, rockets are energized far away from the pad so that no one is near the projectile.

I have sold these launchers to school science departments, scouting and youth camps and organizations where safety is of the utmost concern. With our unique mounting design and launch manifold, it is virtually impossible for a launch failure. Bottle is firmly secured and will not eject until the launch rope is firmly pulled. Younger youth may need help pulling the rope as it is secured that firmly.

The design of our launch pad allows heights that are beyond anything that I have ever seen in other launchers. Flights as long as 1/4 mile
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