Soldiers of the World, Conflict Series in org box 2003

we have a Soldiers of the World, World Conflict Series new in the original unopened box, this is the US Marine Sniper-1st Marine Expeditionary Force Iraqi Freedom, this box in unopened but looks like it had another box on top of the box this soldier was in. Some nice finds tonight

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A little history on these items:

My brother passed in December of 07 and m y dad came to live with us in March 08 from Wisconsin and we brought a lot of his history with us with no room for storage, so a lot of his " stuff " is going up on ebay. Stayed tune for more Ford books, Ford manuals, fishing stuff and other strange and maybe unusual things to be listed.

When I came to selling the tacklebox Stuff I was amazed at how much some types of lures actually sell for. Now I'm going to Estate sales to bring you some old and nice fishing lures, along with putting my dad's stuff up for auction.

He has some pretty amazing stuff from the Military 1946 thru 1953, unbelievable how many pictures he took while in Japan and Korea. Stay tuned for more

All items are sold as is with insurance required for this item. Seller (me ) cannot be held responsible for lost packages or damage if insurance not purchased by (you) the
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