This is a fantastic solid gilded silver Albert style graduated fob chain, with T bar and Gold plated spinning fob.

The spinning fob appears to be a gilded metal as opposed to solid gold.

There are no marks that I can see and there is wearing down to the base metal which looks like brass

The chain itself is solid silver and each link is marked with the British lion pasant.

There is quite a bit of wear to each link and the marks are very worn.

The T bar is maked with the makers initials HP, the Birmingham Anchor and the letter N for the year 1912.

The gem stones on the spinner are Agate on one side and I think Coral on the other.

The chain measures 39cm in length.

I'm not sure of the weight I'm afraid, as I dont have the correct scales to weigh it accurately.

I'm happy to post Worldwide, and it will be free of charge.

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