Solingen, Germany "Deer Foot" Knife, Excellent Condition, No Reserve

This is an original "deer foot" knife, made by Clauberg in Solingen, Germany many years ago. The 3-1/2" drop-point, flat-ground blade is struck-marked on the left side with: "Clau----/ Est. 1810", and: "Solingen-Germany". The die strike was not quite even, so the right half of the trademark name is obscured. It should read: "Clauberg", which firm was established in 1810, and made high quality hunting knives until the firm was sold to the Anton Wingen firm-- and, as you know, the Anton Wingen firm made the finest hunting knives in Solingen. (Henckels' best were made by Anton Wingen!) As an aside, I visited Solingen often and knew the Anton Wingen management during the 1970s and 1980s; they closed their factory doors in the early 1990s. This knife has the forged guard that is typical of some German hunting knives-- and some of their military knives. The handle is made of a dried "deer foot" (probably a roebuck forefoot) tanned with the hair on. The hoof and dewclaws are in solid, smooth shape; the hair is all solid, except for a small patch (about 1/2 the size of your little fingernail) on the right side of the knife. There is no factory box. The guard and sheath tip are nickel silver, and both have the beautiful, uncleaned patina that comes with age. The sheath is solid brown leather, with a buttonhole on the back side of the belt ... read more