Solingen Germany Vintage Hand Made Bowie knife Olsen NR

Vintage and Classic fancy hunting knife model #4800, made by some of the best Olsen Knife Co. craftsmen in Solingen Germany. Age is unkown but was purchased in 1972, that's 36 years that it's been in Joe's collection. It is in very good to excellent condition.


German hand made quality in a fixed blade knife is perfect for the seasoned collector who appreciates the finer craftsmanship of the post WWII era. It has a 7 1/4" mirror polished blade with just under 6 1/4" handle, (just under 14" overall knife length). The blade has the usual superficial short scratches on it from handling but still has that legendary mirror finish you can shave with.

This knife is BIG on character.

It has file work on the spine of the blade that was smoothed out in the final polish. The blade is stamped "4800 & 7" on one side of the tang and "Olsen Knife Co. Solingen, Germany on the other. On the blade the words "Original Bowie Knife" are stamped just below the spine and the ends of the stamping " the letters O & R at the beginning and letters I F & E at the end were not stamped deep enough to complete the stamping. The maple handle is preceeded with a guard that is 3/4" x 3 1/2" solid brass. The pommel is swept down and oval in shape from 1" x 3/4" near the handle to 1 5/8
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