Somers and Field 16" Doll Willow Dressed in Go Go

Produced by Knickerbocker and conceived and designed by Doug James and Laura Meisner, these "Mod British Birds" represented 60s
fashion in a very expressive way.
"Daisy" and "Willow" are the daughters of the owners of "Somers and Field", a fine department store in London. The dolls and outfits were introduced in 1999 and produced for only two years.
The dolls retailed for $89.99 and outfits were $59 to $90.00. Both the dolls and costumes were beautifully done.
The dolls and fashions were based on people, clothing and events from the 60s.
Model and underground film star Edie Sedgwick, shown in one of the pictures here modeling a Betsy Johnson design, contributed in her own way to the 60s folklore behind the Somers and Field line. "Betsy loved to dress Edie in silver",
I recently read in a book on Edie. Here you have "Willow" dressed in a silver "go go" outfit ready to go to the "factory" to dance and gossip with her friend Andy Warhol.
She comes with a change of clothing-a fabulous outfit called "National Gallery". The "gold ocher" colored dress is accented with navy, with wonderful navy accessories. The fabric of the dress is rich, and the navy tights, heels, gloves and hat are to die for!
All the outfits are made with the same quality and attention to detail as the first original Barbie outfits
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