Somers & Field Mod British Birds Daisy Willow Gene DAE

Up for auction we have the Mod British Birds Somers and Field Daisy and Willow doll dress made by Doug James & the late Laura Meisner in the late 1990's/early 2000's called "Debut". This outfit originally came on a blonde Daisy doll called "Debut" and has long been retired. This auction is for the doll dress, yellow shoes and light green gloves. *Please note that this auction is for the partial outfit only (only for the yellow dress, yellow shoes and pale green gloves!) - a doll is NOT included, nor is the stand, original box, COA, story card, hangtag, nylons, jewelry, underwear, etc.!!!* I have actually had buyers leave me negative feedback before because they didn't fully read my auction's listing before bidding.
You will receive the yellow dress, matching shoes and gloves, as show in the photo of those items only. The other photos are just for display purposes, nothing else is included in the auction but what I just said. Please also note that I bought this on Ebay originally, and so I am not the original owner. Although I have never displayed it or had it out of it's box, I cannot guarantee that the previous owner did not. There are no stains, tears, discoloration or fading that I can see. If you are sensitive to pets, which I do have (cats, although I keep my doll things put away and not anywhere near my cats) please
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