Song Dy Antique Chinese Jade *Monkey and Tiger Statue*

Song Dy Antique Chinese Jade *Monkey and Tiger Statue* Description Song Dy Antique Chinese Jade *Monkey and Tiger Statue*
This is the highest quality natural antique Chinese Jade, and as pictures show you how special, unique, and antique. It is around 43mm x 67mm x 17mm.
The jade is authentic antique item. The origin and age are certified by our experienced antique Chinese jade wholesaler.
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Insurance Rate $2.00
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Sales Tax 0% for in-state buyers / 0% for out-of-state buyers Certificate of Authenticity As our Antique jade wholesaler has very good relation with Mr. Zhang Gen Quan who is the Chinese Antique Specialist. Mr. Zhang can have a Certificate of Authenticity on this item by charging as little as US$10 only.
Mr. Zhang is a Specialist of Chinese antique for over 30 years, and he is working in Guangzhou and has the Certificate of Authenticity by charging near US$30. According our good relation with Mr. Zhang, winner can have the Certificate of Authenticity with only US$10. Terms Paypal is the only payment method.
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