An absolutely charming little paper mache baby with pupil-less eyes, cloth covered mid-section with voice box (no sound) tiny jointed hands and feet and swivel head in original clothing consisting of a dotted swiss gown, and a pretty underslip. These dolls date to the 1850's and are rare. This little baby is missing its bonnet. Condition: no evidence that there was ever any finely painted hair. A kiss mark on baby's nose. A very fine hairline along one side of the head in front of the ear. Loose stringing. Clothing in need of a wash. The paper mache is excellent, without breaks. These dolls are sometimes mistakenly called Motschmann however, Motschmann held the patent for the voice box and not for the manufacture of the dolls. Purchased at an estate sale, this charming little piece of doll history is being offered without reserve.

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I have added more pictures. One side of the head is dirty and it appears there is a small spot with loss of color.